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Asgardians galore
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Slot to Fart & Nutzlos
Please pay here 
Ref for Elf
please pay here
Prize for GC
BlackOakEstates can you send it through here?
Beta Testing Foal Geno Generator
For $1, you can beta test my Foal Geno Generator (basic package priced at $10).

1. You may NOT share the file with anyone else
2. You may NOT claim any of the code as yours
3. In order for this to work, I need feedback. If you don't see a prompt (pop-up box like in the video), first double-check that pop-ups are enabled, and if that doesn't work, shoot me a note (I don't think this will be a problem, but just in case). For any other issues, please tell me 1) what the error said, 2) where the error occurred, and 3) if possible, show me a screenshot of it

1. You can use this program as many times as you want.
2. If I have major additions or changes, you can beta test those as well for a small fee

How to Beta Test:
1. Click the "Request Commission" button
2. In the description, put what Operating System you have (version of Windows - 8 or earlier - Mac, Linux, etc.). If I have not found someone who uses the same OS, I'll accept the payment and shoot you a note with the file.
3. Copy&paste the code into
Mimi slot to Fart
20 points and 5 PP

Newest Deviations

Fly Me to the Moon by Skypeoplephoenix732 Fly Me to the Moon :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 0 N2587 Foal design by Skypeoplephoenix732 N2587 Foal design :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 0 N2586 design by Skypeoplephoenix732 N2586 design :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 2 0 Bella Donna Hall of Fame by Skypeoplephoenix732 Bella Donna Hall of Fame :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 0 0 Kylrm ref by Skypeoplephoenix732 Kylrm ref :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 0 0
Kylrm character description
So yes! Brain is worse than Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush and it's 2 am. So... probs not gonna get asleep. Also today is bEST friend's bday so the happy bday song is stuck in my head while mixing with several other songs. Yeah... so here we go! Aand now Peter Pan You can fly is playing... greeeeat.
First Name: Kylrm
Last Name: ???
Street Name: Cloak
Blood type: unknown
Gender: Female
Magic status: witch
Abilities: shapeshifter (no animagus yet, she doesn't really see a point since she can shift into animals in theory)
House: Slytherin
Year: 1
Age: unknown (estimated 14, the owl had trouble finding her since she often moved and her outer appearacne age-wise varied widely)
Appearance: skin and bones with a little lean muscle, black hair sloppily cut boy short, brown eyes, pale skin, scars from knives, guns, and magic (mostly hidden by clothes and shapeshifting)
Height: 4'
Normal Clothes: stained, holes patched with different fabrics, loose shirt 1 size too big with many pockets sewn in on t
:iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 0 0
15 Sucia by Skypeoplephoenix732 15 Sucia :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 3 2
15 Sucia Tracker

Equine-Angels-Rescue Prompts:
Coming HomeMeeting "Mom"Halter breakingSetbacksHandling and GroomingFun and gamesTrailer timeProdigy
Bath timeMeeting a friendNaptimeTaking a tripShowingEatingForever Home
Therapy Prompts:
Join upAcupuncture/MassageScent/music therapy
equiBREAK :
Foal Course (Mandatory):
First time eating hay in a separate boxWearing a halterTo be leadAccepting the feel of a blanketFoal Inspection (show entry, vet inspection/showing off paces)
Foal Course (Optional):
Standing tiedAccepting the presence of objects (paper bags, clippers, sprays etc...)Being groomed for the first timeWalking over an uneven surfacePlay time
Horse course (Mandatory):
Groundwork/lungingAccepting saddle/riderFirst rideDiscipine training (show entry)
Horse course (Optional):
Worst fearGood/bad dayTrailer workVisit from farrier/vetPlay time
:iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 0 0
4397 Ultimate Blood Reigning Fire and Brimstone by Skypeoplephoenix732 4397 Ultimate Blood Reigning Fire and Brimstone :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 0 Ross for Mist by Skypeoplephoenix732 Ross for Mist :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 1 Cat for Mist by Skypeoplephoenix732 Cat for Mist :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 0 1 Ally for Mist by Skypeoplephoenix732 Ally for Mist :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 1 Ana design for Mist by Skypeoplephoenix732 Ana design for Mist :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 1 1 Scratching Posts Don't Talk by Skypeoplephoenix732 Scratching Posts Don't Talk :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 2 5 4397 Custom Design by Skypeoplephoenix732 4397 Custom Design :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 4 7 40 Nirakumo by Skypeoplephoenix732 40 Nirakumo :iconskypeoplephoenix732:Skypeoplephoenix732 2 0


Skypeoplephoenix732's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I do digital art in Gimp of people, Draco Stryx, horses, and more. I love programming and am fluent in a few of the languages (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.)

BellaxNitrate by VexFox by VexFox
Hey y'all! Looking for a MskMsk PadroHorse stallion. Preferrably a genobomb to make a purdy bab with  A Hellish Hallowed Nightmare ~ 9190 by Pipsqueak09 :new: slot is a go, just need to do 8 pp for payment

Her genes: EE aa RR nZ nP nSty SbSb nSpl nBt GlGl nHlw MrdMrd nNs NgsNgs nZi medSpk*Spk

Genes I'm looking for: MskMsk
Other genes that would be really cool: Batu, Mirrudo, Nonus

Not looking for: nMsk (won't pass), Appy genes

I'd prefer art slots (I'm also good at humans if you'd rather piece(s) of them), but I can also pay with usd and/or points. Sample pieces:
Breeding payment by Skypeoplephoenix732 Bloodied Water by Skypeoplephoenix732 Rain Winter Solstice Halter by Skypeoplephoenix732 Rain Final Image equiBREAK by Skypeoplephoenix732 fire wings by Skypeoplephoenix732


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Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back last year you submitted an application for your Cavitto foal to be featured in a story I was writing about weaning youngsters in a group. Months later, I've finally been able to post it :) (Smile) The image is here, and the story features your foal based on the info you provided. Hope you like it, and sorry for the insane delay!
The Friends I've Found by Tattered-Dreams
spikethehated1 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Happy birthday 🎂 🎂 🍾 🍾 
Gemstripe Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday
Skypeoplephoenix732 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks :)
Aiggy Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Student Filmographer
Hey! Are you still looking for a corva stryx?
CageyJay Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding me to your "watch" list! That was very kind of you. :glomp:

A point of warning, though: I tend to upload my most recent buttons in batches. Your devWatch may get flooded with them, from time to time, if you don't have it arranged in stacks.
Skypeoplephoenix732 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe okay, I honestly don't open my Deviation watch section unless something really catches my eye or I'm just perusing for no particular reason (aka am really bored), so no worries :)
xXWindflowerXx Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Skypeoplephoenix732 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hiya :) how ya doin?
xXWindflowerXx Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Good, hbu?
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