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I do digital art in Gimp of people, Draco Stryx, horses, and more. I love programming and am fluent in a few of the languages (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.)

BellaxNitrate by VexFox by VexFox


90 deviations
A/N Payment 1/2 Ability pieces to Mimi-McG for 4403 MS Simplicity (regular Padro w/ abilities, paired with rider, somewhat tempering the Qhada/Pahka horse's unwieldy, aggressive spirit). Also helping SammieAsMagPie get 8492 Deer Thee Beloved to Ultimate :)

PP: 7.5
Words: 893
AP: 3 (Water for Blue, Fire for Beloved)
    "Blue, Beloved! Let's see if we can get you two to work together, eh?" Sky called out as she walked down the aisle with Brackan, halters in hand. Beloved snorted and pinned her ears, eyes flashing dangerously, even as Blue perked up and pranced in place. Sky took a deep breath but kept coming. That mare.... whew, no wonder Sammie was having trouble with the training. Sky had seen aggressive horses before, and while Beloved wasn't quite as bad as Joker, the mare still gave her the heeby jeebies.
    Brackan turned a calculating look towards the mare, meeting her eyes. His wings unfolded from underneath his shirt, the apexes sporting shiny claws. The draconic anthromorph would never use them, of course, but it was a simple display of "I'm strong."
    Blue whinnied, thud-ing into the stall door. Sky laughed, "Easy there, fella. You'll be out in a minute." Her hand hovered over the latch for the door as she remembered the last time the Padro stallion had been so eager to get out. Turning her attention back to his perky, Arabian-esque features, Sky slipped the halter over his ears and fondled them gently as she adjusted the straps. "Now, try not to run me over this time, okay?" Sky said, half joking as she wagged a finger at the shifting stallion. His purple eyes widened and dopily followed it, making her chuckle.
    Sky slid open the latch and stepped back with the door as she swung it open. Blue wriggled, eyes and ears flickering, but he waited for her. Sky grinned and gently tugged the lead rope.
    "Good boy!" she patted the stallion as he fell into step beside her. She swatted his nose away with a "hey!" as he tried to wuffle at her hair. The snout returned, resting on top of her head instead. Hrr, Sky sagged a little. Geez, she was short, but the perky stallion didn't have to rub it in.
    Beloved was a different story entirely. Sky froze mid step. The fiery mare, ears still pinned, had the halter in her teeth and was trying to shake it out of  Brackan's grasp. Blue snorted and whinnied, shaking his mane as he laughed at the sight. Sky snort giggled into her hand, earning a glare from Brackan and Beloved.
    "Hey! You go on ahead, we'll catch up. Nothing to see here," Brackan grumbled.

    Blue whinnied a laugh again as they- well, mostly he - pranced out of the stable. Ears swiveling, he took in all the new sights and sounds. Small herds of horses out in the paddocks, winged horses dancing in the skies and landing on strips of grass or asphalt, a huge field of corn with an stomach upsetting rumbling. Ooo, a river! Blue bobbed forward, playfully tugging Sky along.
    "Hey, cut it out," Sky giggled. She gently but firmly pulled the lead rope more to her, and Blue full-on stopped, snorting as Sky stumbled a little at the lack of resistance. She shot him a raised eyebrow to which he "meekly" pouted, lowering his head a little. Before smirking and nibbling at her auburn hair again, of course. Her hand darted up again, pushing at his snout. "Hey, cut it-"
    "BELOVED!" Brackan screeched from inside the barn, making Sky and Blue jump.
    "I better check this ouuuu, what?!" Sky yelped. Blue cocked his head. What was she looking at? He arched his head over his shoulder just as Brackan emerged, his face as red as Beloved's speckling. His strip of fiery hair was literally on fire. "Blue! Quick, douse him!" 
    Blue snorted, rumbling at Beloved before drawing moisture from the air and dropping it on the dragon-man's head. He shivered. That... thing was a little freaky, but that was no reason to set him on fire!
    Beloved galloped out of the stable, clipping Brackan as she charged. Taking a deep breath, Blue shot ice up a foot in front of her. The mare skidded to a stop, haunches gouging the dirt as she spun towards him. Blue smirked and let the top of the wall melt onto her head.
    "Blue!" Beloved neighed, striking a hoof in challenge.
    "Beloved!" Blue neighed back, shaking his mane. Too bad it wasn't still long. That would've been way more dramatic!
    "Caerula..." Beloved practically growled, stalking forward. "Don't. do that. again."
    "But you did basically the same thing to Brackan," Blue cheekily replied, sticking his tongue out. His ears flickered and eyes darted. He knew the signs. Just hoped Sky or Brackan would put a stop to it before the mare... well, Blue wasn't sure she would fight. But still.
    "Beloved." Blue's ears swiveled at Brackan's voice. "Stop, now."
    Said mare rumbled, ears still pinned, but stopped a few feet short of Blue. He relaxed a little, sighing in relief. Blue smirked. He couldn't help it.
    "WHAT!" Beloved charged, eyes wide and nostrils flared as she snarled at him. Blue skittered backwards, jerking the lead rope out of Sky's hands.
    "Woah! Easy there, Blue. Brackan! Little help here?" Sky reached for Blue's lead rope, but he danced away as Beloved angled towards him again.
    "TAKE THAT BACK!" Beloved roared, shooting a small fireball at Blue.
    Knowing he couldn't avoid it, Blue sent a small stream of water to meet it, the opposing elements clashing in a little cloud of steam.
8981 Scarlet Inferno foal design by Skypeoplephoenix732
8981 Scarlet Inferno foal design
:new: Correction comments: oops! I was so focused on getting exactly 16 dots (important for story) I didn't realize I was making more of a pattern than just a small circle-ish on the cheek. The dark speckle color was brown originally, but I made it a little more saturated and red-tinted
hehe first Ehren whose clips are not the speckling colors :) Kim said it was ok


ID: 8981
Name: Scarlet Inferno
Nickname: Scar
Gender: mare
Geno: Ee A+a nZ EhrEhr minSpkSpk
Pheno: silver wild bay EHREN 
Speckling: minimal two color
Build: medium

Mane Stripes: no
RP: 20
Class: Common

Bloodlines: 3rd gen
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: 6608 Masked Flames
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 5305 GGS Night Of The Skeleton
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 5790 Painting the Roses Red
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: 3920a RRS Pale Rose
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding Rules:
  1. NO inbreeding or linebreeding (yes, the latter is allowed by the group, but I prefer to keep that out of my stables)
  2. I don't require a slot to the foal unless I indicate otherwise when we discuss payment
  3. I can design the foal in return for art or points (simply added to the cost of the breeding upfront if requested)
  4. free slots must be used within 30 days of my reply
  5. All slots* (including parent**) require a breeding pic
*except designer slots
**unless the payment for the breeding was a slot to the foal

Breeding Slots
1. UnknownRidersStable as sire's owner | :bulletwhite: | breeding pic | foal design | foal ref
2. GoldenGhostStables as dam's owner | :bulletwhite: | breeding pic | foal design | foal ref
    Chance sighed as her fetlocks hit the icy, clear water. She closed her eyes, letting the water flow over her as she waded into the middle where the gentle current lapped at her knees. Chance shivered. Sinking through the rocks like that... Her head dropped a little and her shoulders tensed. Chance could have seriously hurt Appa, and not just with the thrashing. The way the colt used his powers, that must have been hard. A soft, warm snout gently nuzzled her side.
    Chance relaxed a little again, glancing at her almost healed legs. Wait what? Brow knitting, she looked again, noticing a faint white glow coming from her scratches.
    "Chance? What's wrong?" Melody nickered beside her, ears swiveling back and forth.
    Chance shook her head lightly. Whatever was happening she supposed must be okay if it was helping her. Not that she deserved it.
    "Come on, let's head back. Those shouldn't get infected now at least," Melody gently nickered. Chance let the older mare lead her back to the shore, the rocks more slippery as her wet hooves sought purchase even as her coat seemed to shed water like rain. As they made their way back to the others, Melody had to break up two more fights between ? and Bobby. Chance tried not to smile at the two, but... she chuckled softly. They were so like how brothers could sometimes be. Rough, but not uncaring. They may not see it, but Chance had a feeling they would eventually grow to like each other. If they happened to kill each other before then, well... she and Melody were there to keep that from happening. And besides, didn't ? say it was really hard to kill spren? Or all too easy for a... "Radiant" to kill them. Chance shook her head. ? still had not explained that to her. If she was a Radiant, shouldn't she know what that actually meant?
    "Hey! You're looking much better." Forbes startled Chance out of her thoughts, making her shy away a little. The filly lowered her head. "Oops, sorry. Didn't mean ta startle ya. Appa is feeling better now, too. Where are w- y'all headed?"

    Forbes pawed the ground lightly with a back hoof. Melody and Chance were already a herd. They may not want two yearlings. And she still didn't want to say why they were alone. But then, why were the others alone? Didn't they have herds?
    "Don't you mean 'we?'" Melody whinnied with a small smile, something flickering in her eyes. "You're welcome to join us if you want. For now, we actually need to stay put for a little while. A Dream Walker-"
    "You mean a Cavitto?" Forbes interjected, perking up. There were a few where she and her brother used to live.
    Melody cocked her head. "You know of them? But yes, Rain-"
    "Wait," Forbes glanced at Appa, "Rain as in... Reigning Fire and Brimstone?" Melody's eyes narrowed a little. Maybe she had gone to far.
    "Yeees, how do you know him?" Melody replied slowly.
    "Ummm, I don't really know him. Just, er, heard of him. Maybe seen him once or twice."
    Melody snorted and struck the ground with her hoof but let it go. Forbes hoped. "Fine. Anyways, Rain said he would come meet us on the mountain."
A/N so she is starting to heal like a Radiant a little bit? I was going to write more but I just... lost the train

Words: 551
PP: 5.5
AP: 3 (Health)
8824 Apparaat by Skypeoplephoenix7328826 Forbaernen by Skypeoplephoenix7324686 Firefly Melody Perfect Blood Genobomb by Skypeoplephoenix7327249 Nutzlos Perfect Blood by Skypeoplephoenix732
Does anyone who follows me go to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA? 
A/N helping SammieAsMagPie get this gal to Ultimate :) I didn't see a handler for your stable so I just went with a random name

I hope her personality turned out okay...
Bella is Minthral's filly, Cen is unrelated and just happened to be at RRR (Asgardians usually stay at Valhalla Onwards Stables)

8492 Deer Thee Beloved by SammieAsMagPie
Goal:          300
PP After:    177
PP Left:      123
Words: 1,050
PP in this: 7.5
    Sky cracked open an eye, vision blurred as she lazily stretched in the slightly biting rope hammock on her front porch. Ah yes, the porch. There's something... Sky yelped as she tried to bolt upright in the hammock, tipping it over in a tangle of limbs and white rope. A snigger of laughter reached her reddening ears, and after struggling with the ropes for a few minutes, Sky dropped to the aged wood with a dull thud.
    Jumping to her feet, Sky dusted herself off and mustered what little dignity she could to go meet her new charge's handler. Beloved, a monster Padro, would be staying at Roaring River Ranch for some basic training and, if that went well, some more discipline-oriented training.
    "Howdy, I'm Sky Smith. You must be John Roberts," Sky smiled, thrusting her hand out in a hardy handshake.
    "Hi Sky, good to meet you. Beloved is a bit of a handful, I hope she doesn't give you too much trouble," John replied. "Let's  get her accustomed to this place, eh?"
    Sky nodded and followed the taller gentleman's lead to the back of his trailer. Sky peered into the trailer as they rounded it, eyes widening at the soft red glow inside. A horse that glowed? She shook her head. It had been months since she had trained a horse with that degree of mutations, but-
    Sky gasped as John led the massive, high set draft horse out of the trailer. Her four point antlers arched slightly upwards as they reached behind her ears, and the mare's red, green, and blue horn curved back as if it might impale her forehead if it went back much farther. The mare glared at Sky, kicking the wall of her dark trailer before snorting a load of snot into her shirt.
    Shaking her head at the mare's antics, Sky stepped up to the side of Beloved. "Hey there, girl," she cooed. "I know this is all new to you, but you'll only be here for a little while before heading back home. Okay? So the faster we get along, the faster you'll get home."
    The grullo mare snorted, striking the pavement fiercly with a hoof before pinning her ears and snapping a short distance from Sky's head. "Hey!" Sky huffed, reaching up to gently put a hand on the mare's nose. "None of that now. You're a part of my herd now, you play by my rules."
    Sky caught John's questioning gaze and gestured for the lead rope. "Let's get her used to me while you're still around. I can show y'all the place while we get her settled in." John nodded, and Sky gave them a walking tour of the grounds.

    Beloved wasn't sure what to make of this new human. No matter how hard she pushed to show she was the head mare, this... Sky would quell her with a gesture or touch. Snorting, Beloved tossed her head, finally jerking the rope out of the human's paws. Bellowing in triumph, Beloved spun into a gallop back towards the cursed trailer. That box was better than this. It's taken her to a show before, but this was a new low, even for them.
    Pinning her ears, Beloved pushed harder, taking a shortcut through the big barn they had walked through earlier. A chocolate-skinned human yelped in surprise, wings- WINGS?! Beloved skidded to a stop as the leathery appendages spread to other side of the draconic human. Spinning on her hind legs, Beloved catapulted back out the barn and rounded the corner, brushing past a properly winged, orange horse. At least that one had the sense to possess feathered wings like Ollie.
    "Hey! You there, come back!" Beloved moved directly into the path of a rapidly-gaining shadow, moving as it did to keep ahead of the other mare. Beloved swore under her breath at the sound of wingbeats and skidded to a stop as the smaller mare landed right in front of her, orange black and white wings flared. "Will you just calm down?!" the mare neighed.
    "Step aside, dumbass!" Beloved snapped her teeth at her. The mare snorted, striking the ground and ruffling her feathers. "I said, step. aside!" Beloved surged forward, ramming into the smaller mare.
    Squealing, the orange mare stumbled back, tossing her head and snapping at Beloved's mane. Beloved didn't want to fight, but she needed to get back home.
    "Woah! Minthral, Beloved, stop!" a voice called from above. Pausing, Beloved looked up in confusion, jumping at the sight. A pair of winged horses rapidly descended as the orange mare warily backed off a little, favoring her right leg. "Minthral, are you all right?" Sky slipped off a bright red mare, who pinned her ears at Beloved, looking ready to lunge at her any second.
    "That's. my. mother," she growled. Swiveling her head a little, she nickered, "Are you okay?"
    Minthral nodded, wincing though as Sky gingerly touched her fetlock. "Looks like a sprain, we'll need to ice it. Come on, let's get you back, okay girl? That's it," Sky gently led Minthral back in the direction of the stables.
    "Deer Thee Beloved! What the heck has gotten into you?" John shakily slipped off a black, winged stallion. "I know you don't want to be here, but hurting another horse like that? That is inexcusable, young lady. I don't even know if Sky will take you now. And we simply don't have the staff right now to give you the proper training you need..."
    Beloved huffed, but let her ears drop a little. He was right, she grudgingly admitted. Minthral could have gotten seriously hurt the way Beloved was throwing her weight around. Lord, the mare was at least a head shorter than her! Beloved dropped her head a little. Not that she would admit that to the still furious filly and critical stallion.
    "John, bring Beloved, would you? Bella, Cen, come on back with them," Sky called over her shoulder. Beloved snorted, as if any self-respecting horse would follow-
    Beloved blinked rapidly as the tack-less pair - how did the humans stay on if they were flying - followed diligently behind her. Rumbling at the absurdity of this place, Beloved grudgingly followed John back to the stable. Fine. Let him leave. See if she cared.


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