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Sammieasmagpie Slot to 4686 Firefly Melody
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I do digital art in Gimp of people, Draco Stryx, horses, and more. I love programming and am fluent in a few of the languages (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.)

BellaxNitrate by VexFox by VexFox


Argh... I'm trying to get to the main dining hall and all this construction is a big pain in the neck!!!
    That notch... a tiny chip in a tiny handle. It bothered me. The perfectly smooth handle. Except that one notch. How did it get there? Perhaps someone slipped and hit their head on the handle, their skull so thick it left more than a drop of blood.
    Or perhaps a kid was swinging a toy hammer about like a wrecking ball when it hit the handle just a little too hard. I shake my head at that. His mother - for excuse my bigotry but boys are typically the ones with such a toy - would have scolded the little rascal.
    Or maybe it was part of something far more spectacular, like... like a crime scene! Yes, that's it. A serial killer was shooting at people, and a bullet clipped the handle, diverting it enough that it saved someone's life. Ah, what a noble handle it must be. To have saved someone's life, and to think! Not a word of thanks, just a hand covering it day in and day out like it was never a part of anything.
    "I'll take this one, Ma'am." I gently set the brass doorknob on the dusty counter, was probably white at some point.
    "Rrreally? That one?" the teenager drawled, rolling her squinty blue eyes. Poping her gum, the brunette swished her hair behind her shoulders and roughly tossed the knob into a bag. "Well, 'uess it'ser loss."
    "Thank ya kindly, Ma'am. Have a good evening," I wave, shaking my head. Kids these days. Walking a little more quickly to the glass doors, I pull the door open for a lady closer to my age with a couple kids in tow. I smile and tip my old stetson to her, ignoring her scowl as I head back to my truck.
Eh, thought I'd take a page from a Merlin fanfic I'm reading and go off Meriam Webster's word of the day.
About to start the 8 hr drive to VA for Liberty U :D move in day's Thursday.
A/N these are several shorts from before Chance met Melody. It couldn't exactly be called a song-fic from what I've seen, but if you look, there are elements of the song woven in.

Warning: minor language

7249 Nutzlos

PP: 7.5
AP: 3
Words: 1,548


Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?
You're the saddest bunch I ever met
But you can bet before we're through
Mister, I'll make a man out of you

Tranquil as a forest but on fire within
Once you find your center, you are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a man out of you

I'm never gonna catch my breath
Say goodbye to those who knew me
Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym
This guy's got 'em scared to death
Hope he doesn't see right through me
Now I really wish that I knew how to swim

Be a man
We must be swift as the coursing river
Be a man
With all the force of a great typhoon
Be a man
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Time is racing toward us till the Huns arrive
Heed my every order and you might survive
You're unsuited for the rage of war
So pack up, go home, you're through
How could I make a man out of you?

(Chorus x2)

    A low groan echoed about the small, damp cave where Idrisil lay, every breath a struggle. The warm spring air did little to soothe her swollen belly, and the quiet munching of the herd and soft singing of the birds only grated on her nerves. It was time. With a final groan, she felt like her insides were torn apart as a little body slid out of her. Panting, Idrisil lifted her head just enough to see her golden foal shake off its pink membrane. A frown graced the mare's mostly white features as she noted that her foal was a filly. No colts had been born to the herd in years. This was their last hope unless one of the young stallions from the bachelor herds roaming the plains managed to find their secluded valley. 
    Residuo, their chestnut lead stallion with a luscious main and tail, was old, too old to properly take care of the mares for much longer. With the passing years he had become vicious, going so far as to kill some of the fillies only because they weren't male. Shaking her head, Idrisil tried to swing to her feet, but found she could barely lift her head. Her filly nickered soundlessly. Wait, what? Idrisil's eyes widened and she weakly called to her foal, who appeared to nicker back, but no sound came out.
    "Res, help, quick!" Idrisil whinnied, her voice cracking. She let her head fall back to the ground as her filly came to nurse. There was a small pain in her teat but she was used to it. This would be her third foal, after all.
    "Idrisil? Are you alright? What's wrong?" Residuo rushed into the cave, smiling at the sight of the pair. He frowned. "Can you get up?"
    Idrisil shook her head weakly. "I... I tried, but I just don't have the strength. Please, take care of her for me."
    The stallion's expression darkened. "Her? You promised me it would be a colt!" Idrisil trembled in fear for her foal.
    "Please, just promise me that she'll... she'll be okay... Good-bye, Res..."

    "NOOO!" Residuo roared, stomping his hooves as he saw his lead mare fade. Turning his gaze towards a terrified filly, Res hardened his eyes. "You. You killed her. You little bastard!" Res charged at the filly, who soundlessly skittered around him and made for the entrance of the cave.

    The filly dashed outside, startled at the sheer number of horses. Ears swiveling to catch the sound of pounding hooves behind her, she dashed behind one of the larger mares, head lowered in submission. Why was this stallion being mean? Did she do something wrong? She was only just born. Did it have something to do with this... "killing?" Trembling as the stallion stalked into the herd, the filly feebly nickered. Why was he doing this?
    Wait, why wasn't she making a sound? The filly tried again, but no sound came out though her lips moved. The other horses made sounds, why couldn't she?
    The stallion rounded her hiding place as she tried again to make a sound. He started, eyes widening. He snorted. "Useless. Saddest bunch of foals I've ever met. You can't even talk. You don't even have a mane or tail," he sneered. "I know what we should call you. Nutzlos, Useless. Pathetic. Wimp. Get out of my sight!"
    Nutzlos skittered back soundlessly, and the stallion's eyes grew even more stormy. What was she doing wrong? It's not like she meant to be doing this. She was just born this way! The stallion snarled when she didn't move fast enough, and Nutzlos bolted away, galloping clumsily to the other side of the herd.

    A week later Nutzlos had met the other fillies, who explained that Residuo had always been like that since the herd stopped producing colts. Normally that was a good thing - no one to kick out after a couple years - but now there was no one to replace him. Nutzlos did her best to fit in, helping out where she could and trying to play with the other foals. But it seemed she couldn't do anything right.
    One night Nutzlos went on a patrol with one of her aunts and one of her half-sisters. Not much usually happened at night, but since bachelor herds were apparently coming near their valley more and more often, Residuo wanted everyone on high alert. Nutzlos was a few steps from her aunt when her ears picked up the snapping of twigs and a couple snorts. Neighing to get her aunt's attention, Nutzlos stamped a hoof in frustration. She still couldn't make a sound, even while walking. Veering off to investigate, Nutzlos stumbled into a shallow ditch just beyond a cluster of bushes. Her hind legs were up on the bank, but her forelegs had sunk deep into the muddy ditch.
    Just her luck. A band of four young stallions stopped right in front of her.
    A light bay smirked down at her. "Ah, what do we have here, boys? A straggler?" He appraised her with a strange look. Nutzlos didn't like this.
    As she laid her ears back and struggled to get to her feet, a taller liver chestnut spoke up in a deeper voice, "And what do we do with stragglers?"
    Now Nutzlos was getting really nervous. Yanking her forefeet, she desperately tried to get them unstuck from the ditch.
    A midnight black stallion with fiery eyes spoke in a silky smooth voice, "We have some fun, now don't we."
    On instinct Nutzlos neighed for help, but still could not make a sound. That made the stallions jump. Slowly grins spread across their faces and they looked at one another.
    "Guess we don't have to be swift as a coursing river, then, huh boys?" the black stallion murmured.
    The last stallion, the shortest of the bunch, spoke up in a quivering voice. "Uh, isn't she a little young? I mean, it's one thing for a yearling, but she couldn't be more than a few day-"
    "Enough," the black stallion, who Nutzlos realized with a start had pure white skeletal markings, said with no room for argument. "She'll do just fine, won't you little missy." His voice dripped with seduction and a hint of sarcasm at the end.
    "Nutzlos? Where are you?" The filly sighed in relief at the sound of her half-sister's voice. She went to neigh back, but again. No. bloody. sound. Snarling at the stallions, Nutzlos threw her whole weight backwards, finally sending her crashing into the bushes.
    "What the... she must be possessed, I'm getting out of here!" She heard the stallions take off at a dead run. Nutzlos relaxed a little, untangling herself and swinging to her feet now that those horrible stallions were gone.
    Nutzlos hung her head, there was no getting out of this. Putting on a false smile she walked over to the other fillies. They ignored her, which was not hard to do she supposed, making a point to block her out of the mock fights. That's alright. Just make it look like she's playing and keep that fire tucked away within. Hope he doesn't see right through me.

    "You spineless, pale, pathetic turd!" Residuo slammed his hooves down where Nutzlo's head had been moments before. Eyes rimmed with white, she backed away, too-large head lowered and chewing on air. "You haven't got a clue what it means to run a herd. Why, I should have killed you the moment your mother died. You aren't worth the air you breathe. You useless, killing... Nutzlos!"
    Said filly flinched back, legs trembling as they tried to carry her weight. She tried, she really did! She didn't eat more than a few mouthfuls a day, and drank a little more, but she was barely surviving as it was! Nutzlos stumbled and lost her balance. She tried to swing her head to compensate, but underestimated how large it was now relative to her body. Nutzlos sat in the grass, hind legs giving out beneath her. Terror filled her dull blue eyes as the stallion reared up and slammed his hooves down, this time clipping her foreknees. Biting back a scream, Nutzlos unsteadily got to her feet and backed away, head lowered once more.
    "GET OUT! You are hereby banished from this herd. Never return upon penalty of death." Residuo galloped at her, making her jump and scramble to get away from his flashing teeth.
    Tears streaming down her cheeks, Nutzlos kept galloping away long after Residuo gave up the chase and returned to her- no, his herd. She didn't get to say good-bye to those who knew her, but then... who was there to say good-bye to? The few who had shown her some measure of kindness when she was born were dead or had turned away in fear of their leader.
    Now what? Try to find a new herd? No. Nutzlos shook her head. Who would accept such a weak, pathetic foal. That's right, no one. She was lucky to get away with the scars and cuts and bruises she had received. Nutzlos had to make her own path, find a way to keep living or just give up and die. No one would accept her. Not now, not ever.

Hello peoples!

My mare, 4686 Firefly Melody Perfect Blood Genobomb by Skypeoplephoenix732, is now Perfect Blood (note is sent and admin is working on confirmation) so I thought I'd sell some more slots to her :) 

Ee aa nCr nR nSb nBt nGl nLv* nNs nRkr* maxnSpk
Pheno: smoky black roan sabino BATU GLOW NONUS (LiveWire* Rakur* carrier)
Rare Points: 73
PP: 223.5

PP she gives: 15
PP her ancestors give: 15 (sire) + 1.5 (dam) = 16.5

I'm thinking because she has 2 extinct mutations (LiveWire and Rakur) I'd like something in the 70-100 :points: range, but feel free to offer lower.

Art/literature wise, I'm thinking 32 PP (about what she and her ancestors will give to foals) or 4 pictures for Ability Points (Min: colored full-body with detailed background and 150-word story). Plus the foal(s) will get however many points the sire passes. I'm okay with you writing if you prefer, just try to stick to her personality. For the Ability pictures, stick with Weather/Electricity, although you don't have to follow the ability progression I've linked on her ref. I would rather you not include Nutzlos (the filly she's with for the majority of the ability pieces I've done), as she is directly tied to the Brandon Sanderson cosmere and I would like to keep her happenings in line with his stories.

Also, if you'd like, you can turn on the twin chance (66% once she's confirmed Perfect Blood).


  1. When this is closed, I will say so in the title of this journal :) until then, it's open (if you request a slot as I'm writing the journal, I'll still accept the transaction)
  2. For art payments, give me a time frame in which you think you can complete it. If I do not hear from you in a week (I'll check your journals to see if something's come up so you simply haven't been able to do anything), I will shoot you a note asking if you're still interested.
  3. If you need an extension, you need to contact me at least 2 days before the deadline you gave yourself.
  4. I can hold a slot for points for up to 5 days.
  5. I will be unavailable from August 24-25th (and maybe the 23rd and/or 26th) because I'm moving into college :la: so if you don't hear from me during that time frame, don't worry. I just can't get to my computer or access DA on my phone. I'll be checking my messages in the days leading up to and following that, so I'll get back to you asap
  6. I do not require a slot to the foal(s)
  7. If you decide to sell the foal(s), let me know me first. I may want to buy them :)
  8. If you have read and understand these rules, include "Knights Radiant" in your comment


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