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Ball Python Lines
Please pay here :)
Beta Testing Foal Geno Generator
For $1, you can beta test my Foal Geno Generator (basic package priced at $10).

1. You may NOT share the file with anyone else
2. You may NOT claim any of the code as yours
3. In order for this to work, I need feedback. If you don't see a prompt (pop-up box like in the video), first double-check that pop-ups are enabled, and if that doesn't work, shoot me a note (I don't think this will be a problem, but just in case). For any other issues, please tell me 1) what the error said, 2) where the error occurred, and 3) if possible, show me a screenshot of it

1. You can use this program as many times as you want.
2. If I have major additions or changes, you can beta test those as well for a small fee

How to Beta Test:
1. Click the "Request Commission" button
2. In the description, put what Operating System you have (version of Windows - 8 or earlier - Mac, Linux, etc.). If I have not found someone who uses the same OS, I'll accept the payment and shoot you a note with the file.
3. Copy&paste the code into
Mimi slot to Fart
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United States
I do digital art in Gimp of people, Draco Stryx, horses, and more. I love programming and am fluent in a few of the languages (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.)

BellaxNitrate by VexFox by VexFox
Little late on this but... Why not. I don't think I've done art every month this year, so instead I'll just give a little summary.

WARNING: If talk of self-injury/self-harm triggers you, don'tread on.

January: everything fell apart. My sister ran away, I started trying to cut myself. I realized what was going on and started making an effort to not self injure. started writing  as an outlet.

February: still felt like everything was wrong and I deserved the bad and the - what I now realize was - bullying. Made worse by my mom brushing off seeing how bad of shape my lip was in - heck, it'd been like that for months and she didnt notice until then??? - as me just not taking care of it. tried to cut myself with a razor but the blade was too dull.  thought about trying to get back into relationship with God but was terrified that He would just reject me like just about everyone else had.

March: things continued to go downhill, my grades slipped and I started getting behind, started biting deep into my lip again to cope.

April/May: realized some things, some people helped a little. statted a friendship with someone in Finland over I didn't tell her what was "wrong" with me until late march, I think. I mostly helped her until then. Coming out to her is I think what sparked a tiny bit of hope that things could get better. I've known some people on here who reached out initially but... idk, I guess I needed someone who I didn't know at all, who had no preconceptions or history.

June: I had largely stopped trying to hurt myself by then, but I was still depressed and hyper aware. I just barely got my grades to where my parents said I could go to Liberry - they had already paid for half the tuition by now, but they were threatening to pull out. 

July/August: working with kids at a summer music camp brought a little brightness. choir got out so I didn't have to deal with the bullying. before heading to college, I said often enough to myself that I just started believing it..  no one would want to hang out with me, so anything more would be a pleasant surprise.

Welcoming week, August: the first convocation of the year, found out the bass made me physically sick. but... I recommitted myself to Christ that day. Not sure how much that matters to y'all but it really helped me. 

September: made some friends, felt like this was the fresh start I had hoped for with choir... for the first two weeks. I started getting overwhelmed, scared even, in crowds. my Psyc of Relationship development class freaked me out a bit with what I was learning about myself and I had several days where I simply could not look people in the eyes - it absolutely terrified me.

October: things started to get a little better, I started growing more but finally realized that sometimes it's okay to admit aloud that you're not okay.

November: FINALLY electon and nonstop political convocation were over. grades were okay but not good enough for parents, started to doubt myself again and almost slipped. A couple convocations on bad days - though not as bad as in Sept - were kinda wake up calls. look up on YouTube "Who is barrabas". Stick with the video, and you'll understand. a couple strangers reaching out in person and a friend growing closer helped me through some rough patches, even though they had no clue what I had been through.

December: parents seemed... okay enough with grades. I don't really feel like I have a home. my parents moved to NYC, but the apartment feels more like a hotel than a home. my cat's probably dying, he's skin and bones. my grandfather I probably won't get to see again in person because his ALS is progressing so fast and apparently his brain is shrinking. it just  feels like everything's falling apart. again. my parents are  still completely clueless. I'm not even sure anymore if picing at my lip is just from habit or if I'm starting to fall back again. you know... I wondered if my parents don't say anything because I'm that good at hiding it, they don't care enough to look, or they see bit can't accept the fact that their remaining daughter (and yes, they see it toheheirhat way, they've pretry much caught my sis off) is self injuring. seeing as my mom just said "Remember when your lip split last winter?" as an argument for using chapstick... it's either the first or she's just downright clueless when it comes to me. I have a freakin scar running down the middle of my lip. HOW IS THAT JUST A SPLIT LIP???

Basically? really horrible first 3/4 of year, decent last quarter. small hope for this year being marginally better.


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Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back last year you submitted an application for your Cavitto foal to be featured in a story I was writing about weaning youngsters in a group. Months later, I've finally been able to post it :) (Smile) The image is here, and the story features your foal based on the info you provided. Hope you like it, and sorry for the insane delay!
The Friends I've Found by Tattered-Dreams
spikethehated1 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Happy birthday 🎂 🎂 🍾 🍾 
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happy birthday
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thanks :)
Aiggy Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Student Filmographer
Hey! Are you still looking for a corva stryx?
CageyJay Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding me to your "watch" list! That was very kind of you. :glomp:

A point of warning, though: I tend to upload my most recent buttons in batches. Your devWatch may get flooded with them, from time to time, if you don't have it arranged in stacks.
Skypeoplephoenix732 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe okay, I honestly don't open my Deviation watch section unless something really catches my eye or I'm just perusing for no particular reason (aka am really bored), so no worries :)
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